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To ensure that we can accommodate the dates needed for your animals to board, we require reservations for both standard and luxury boarding.

Please email or call (659) 234-7385 to begin reserving your pet's stay today.

Boarding Options

  • Standard Dog Boarding - $34.00/night – Welcome to our premier dog boarding service with luxurious accommodations tailored to your furry companion's needs. Our standard boarding includes spacious runs, offering privacy with solid walls, ensuring a peaceful stay. Hygiene is a top priority with daily cleaning using top-of-the-line disinfectants. Dogs enjoy three daily walks and socializing with our dedicated staff. Trust us for the highest quality care, and book now for your dog's dream vacation.
  • Standard Cat Boarding - $25.00/night – Your cat will stay in our quiet, private cat condo room featuring natural lighting. Many of our condos feature a window view so your cat can relax while watching the outdoors. We also feature condos without an outdoor view for our more timid visitors. Each condo has a resting ledge, box area, and feeding area.
  • Premier Dog Suite - $56.00/night (*$28.00 for each additional guest) - Your furry friend will enjoy serene and private accommodation with raised bedding for maximum comfort. We take great pride in maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness, using top-notch disinfectants to ensure a safe and hygienic environment for your beloved pet. To keep your dog active and happy, our dedicated kennel staff members take them on refreshing walks four times daily.
  • Luxury Suite - $65.00/night (*$32.50 per additional guest) – Your dog will enjoy a luxurious stay in spacious, private suites with elevated bedding for ultimate relaxation. Our top priority is cleanliness, with daily thorough cleaning using top-of-the-line disinfectants. Your dog will receive utmost care and attention, enjoying four daily walks for exercise and fresh air. Book now for a worry-free and enjoyable experience for your four-legged friend.
Same-day appointments available!